On-demand parking at the drop of a pin. Let the parking attendant come to you.

Blucar was Founded in 2014 with the single mission of changing the face of how consumers park. Whether trying to find parking at work, for lunch, or an evening on the town, Blucar solves the problem parking creates.

On average 30% of all cities traffic congestion can be traced back to the 10 to 20 minutes spent circling a destination while trying to find parking. Most consumers give up while trying to find a space and compromise parking many blocks away from where they want to be. How many times have you had to say “sorry I am late, I couldn’t find parking” to a date, friend or business associate.

At Blucar we think this is an unacceptable and solvable problem. Blucar’s founding team are comprised of application design & development and parking industry professionals that are uniquely qualified and are dedicated to solving this problem worldwide.